Litile 34 -- A revolutionary invention of seamless panel wall
which can make the screen size unlimited...

To offer the total solution in the digital signage industry, LITEMAX has launched the world-leading seamless panel-wallLiTile from the beginning of 2008. According to LiTile’s four “S” features – Slim, Seamless, Scalable and Sunlight Readable, your can build an unlimited size panel wall depending on your needs. In addition, because of taking Sunlight Readable LCD panel, LiTile can be viewed clearer outdoor. Through LiTile’s high brightness display, your marketing message will catch your target audience easier!

  An Litemax Module consists of four litemax tiles, LCD's, custom high brightness backlight and electronics in an easy to use and self contained 34" diagonal module Litile.

Key Features---4 ”S”
-Sunlight Readable

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Features and Benefits
Litile34 is the only technology that offers the following unique combination of features and benefits:

High luminance (>1000Cdm-2) AND high resolution (1.7mm)
- Allows close contact daytime advertising - Near (or far) distance viewing on large screens in bright locations
- Superior image quality - Litile34 enables image conscious advertisers to achieve the same or better image quality in digital form that they demand from conventional printed paper posters or TV.
- 1080 HDTV resolution at about 180" diagonal
Modular flexibility using the 34" modules
Enhanced revenue creation - Exciting and eye-catching shaped screens can be created (horizontal & vertical banners, unusual formats etc.) which allow advertising agencies to entice their clients to advertise, and for advertisers to entice their customers to purchase
Seamless tiling capability
No visible mullions to break up the image or detract from the message
No red, green & blue pixel separation and high pixel fill factor (92%)
Lack of pixellation means no Moiré interference with TV cameras offering high quality backdrops for TV shows and filmed events
Full colour video and text capability
Keeps the viewer engaged through the combination of information, advertising and entertainment on the same screen


Screen Shapes and Size

The Litile34" modules can be arranged into a variety of different sizes as shown in the diagram above. The figure shows the screen diagonal and the associated x and y sizes and resolutions, but don't forget – Litile34 not only allows a break from the conventional 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios, but also from rectangular formats altogether!


Modules and Accessories

Litile34" Module
MDU (modular display unit) Controller -
Each set drives up to 6 modules
VGA Distribution Amplifier - For screens with more than one set of MDU controllers

Media Players -Various media players are available for content management and distribution in digital screen networks (contact us for further details)

Flight Case
Base Plates – One per column of modules to create the perfect foundation to build on.
Dimmer module - Allows up to 10:1 dimming of the entire videowall simultaneously
Power distribution module - For managing power distribution to large modular videowalls
Digital Signage Software - Contact us for further details
















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