All in One Digital Signage Solution
Litile 34 -- A revolutionary invention of seamless panel wall
which can make the screen size unlimited...
To offer the total solution in the digital signage industry, LITEMAX has launched the world-leading seamless panel-wall,LiTile from the beginning of 2008. According to LiTile’s four “S” features – Slim, Seamless, Scalable and Sunlight Readable, your can build an unlimited size panel wall depending on your needs. In addition, because of taking Sunlight Readable LCD panel, LiTile can be viewed clearer outdoor. Through LiTile’s high brightness display, your marketing message will catch your target audience easier!
An Litemax Module consists of four litemax tiles, LCD's, custom high brightness backlight and electronics in an easy to use and self contained 34" diagonal module Litile.

Key Features---4 ”S”
-Sunlight Readable
All in One Large Size Digital Signage Solutions
21.5"~60" Sunlight Readable Outdoor Display (Media Player Embedded)
Litemax has launched large-size (from 21.5" to 60") digital signage solution. This all-in-one Digital Signage Solution takes sunlight readable LCD panel to attract customers easier. In the content display section, it can support new media formats and manage display contents via the internet easier In addition, with more delicate and customization casing design, these high quality LCD panels will become a beautiful decoration of an interior design project or a eye-catching information platform in a mall. Contact with our sales to learn of more detail of this solution. Main Features
- High Resolution TFT LCD Display
- Brightness 500/1000/ 2000 nits
- Flexible CMS (central management system)
- Ethernet 10/100 mbps or wireless 802.11.
- Easy Deployment and operation
- 1080P HD Quality
- Buildin 2wx2 Speakers
- Low Power Consumption LED Backlight

All in One Ultra Wide Size Digital Signage Solutions
15"~55" Sunlight Readable Outdoor Display (Media Player Embedded)
"Spanpixel”, the resizing LCD. Providing special ratios for various digital signage applications, LITEMAX develops Spanpixel series, new LED backlight LCD panel with specific aspect ratios (16:3 and 16:6), from 15-inch to 55-inch, 16:3 or 16:6. Incorporating with LITEMAX AD control board. Now you can show your creative Ad design on all the impossible spots before like vending machine, POS, refrigerator, taxi top, bus, train, etc.
Main Features
- Ultra-wide Screen
- Customized
- Fanless
- Sunlight Readable LED Backlight LCD
- 1000 nits high brightness
- Slim Bezel Design
- High Contrast Ratio
- Wide Viewing Angle
- Long Life, Low Power Consumption
Spansign, The Perfect Modular Instore Media System
Advertising, Communications and Information System
With dialogue and information at center stage, your message will always be crystal clear. This principle lies at the very heart of our new Spansign viewers system. Light up what you're communicating with a great eye catching, fully modular, low-voltage system.

-A Bright Concept
-Moving Pictures
-Emdless Possibilities
All of the Spansign viewers modulair system parts are available separately, the flexibility of the systems allows for a combination of various (sized) displays, placing them in portrait or in landscape mode, best of all; This system give you complete freedom in arranging your displays to your customers needs!
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